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Monday, January 1, 2007

Harry Potter Fanfiction by DSDragon

My Harry Potter Fanfiction

I think that my writing style started to get better around the time I became active in the Harry Potter fandom. I'm not as embarrassed by these stories and other offerings as I am by my various Buffy, Angel, and Star Trek offerings.
For the Unbroken Universe by Robin4
  • UU Drabbles - Outtakes between 100 and 500 words, written for Sara's UU Drabble Contests. Based on robin4's Unbroken Universe series. Rated for some semigraphic elements.
  • Slytherin Promise - This is a chaptered outtake to Robin4's Unbroken Universe series, detailing Horace Smeltings' first few months at Hogwarts. This story has been abandoned.
  • What is this Thing? - An acrostic poem written about the various stories in the Unbroken Universe at the time the poem was written.
For Inflecto

The stories below were three of the six audition entries I made for the LJHPRPG
Inflecto. Sadly, I cannot find the other two. I had six characters in the RPG: Percy, Bill and Fred Weasley (yes, a full THIRD of the Weasley family), Professor McGonagall, Fleur Delacour, and Collin Creevey. Of those six, I was not able to find the audition entries for Bill, Fleur or Collin. To see any of the other posts I wrote for the RPG, please follow the links I made on each character's name, or the link to the game community above, as there are some posts which were made in collaboration with some of the other gamers, and I do not have permission to copy those posts here.

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